Wooden Hot Tub

Douglas fir, Larch, Western red cedar…
Made in Cornwall

95% of the timber we use comes from local forests.

The Douglas fir and Western red cedar for our wood-fired wooden hot tubs, Finnish saunas and hand-built gazebos spends its life growing up in Duchy controlled forest less than six miles down the road from our sawmill.

The Larch timber used for bespoke work and some heavy duty structural projects is also grown, felled, seasoned and sawn there.

Sometimes we come across rare and unusual trees with very different colours and grain patterns. We try to incorporate these woods in to our products to add a bit of uniqueness. (If you have a project in mind or would like one of our tubs or saunas in a different wood, please call us. We love working with all woods and,we’d be happy to advise you about different possibilities)

What about the other 5%? Well, currently the cedar shingles for the gazebo roofs are imported.

But we’re working on that…

Superb build quality using traditional techniques

wooden hot tub

Based on a traditional Swedish design, our hot tubs use the time-honoured cooperage method, which demands extra care and crafting by hand. But the results are worth it.

wooden hot tub

The staves are mortised to accept the floor and specially profiled so they interlock.

wooden hot tub

Adjustable metal bands encircle the tub, holding the staves in place.

wooden hot tub

Natural Douglas fir seating is a standard feature in all our models.