Looking After Your Wooden Hot Tub

Don’t believe the scaremongers. Wooden hot tubs are not difficult to maintain. Douglas fir is an extremely durable timber and requires no preservatives, though some people like the look of Danish oil on the outside. It’s a myth that they inevitably go all green and slimy. This only happens through neglect.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll still be bathing in the same tub in 20 years time:

  • Keep your hot tub full of water
  • Change the water every couple of days when in use (every 9 weeks if using a filtration kit)
  • When you drain your hot tub, rinse it down with fresh water before refilling
  • If you’ve left it too long between changes and the water has started to go green, empty then brush down surfaces with a very light detergent while still wet and rinse thoroughly
  • No need to use bleach, or any fungicidal treatments
  • Put the lid on when not in use for long periods
  • Do not let the water in your hot tub freeze.
  • In winter, keep the tub full and fire up every now and then (it’s amazing having a hot tub when there’s snow on the ground!)
  • Or, if you’re not going to use it at all over winter, cover it and wrap well with greenhouse insulation. (We’ll explain how to do this.)

That’s all there is to it.


Cashen wins 2014 Royal Cornwall Show Forestry Competition

Against stiff competition, we won this great award for the quality of our hot tubs. Here’s what the judges said:

'Jeremy Cashen's business based near Menheniot, produces hot tubs, saunas and garden structures from locally grown Douglas fir. Not only does Jeremy manufacture all his products, he also harvests, transports the timber, mills it and then kiln dries it. This demonstrates an exceptional level of vertical integration to ensure high quality products which showcase the beauty and versatility of cornish timber.


Each aspect of timber processing and manufacturing is undertaken with great efficiency using low cost but effective machinery. A four-side planner is at the heart of the manufacturing process, and adds sufficient value to make the whole process worthwhile. We hope his customers appreciate the skill and commitment which goes into Jeremy's products.'

Find out more about the care we put into our hand-crafted hot tubs, gazebos and saunas. Call Jeremy on 07710 257 834.

Cashen keeps them warm at The World Belly Boarding Championships.

100s of competitors braved the waves on 2nd Sept at Chapel Porth Beach, St Agnes in Cornwall. Conditions were ‘lively’ and some got a bit more than they bargained for, including comedians Rory McGrath and Will Mellor. But at least they had our steaming hot tubs to welcome them in from the cold.

>> See Rory McGrath & Will Mellor in Cashen hot tubs on Facebook