Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do I need to do much preparation for my hot tub, sauna or gazebo before delivery?

A. Not usually. You just need to ensure the site is firm and level. For our wood-fired hot tubs, you’ll need a garden hose to fill it and a bag or two of dry firewood to get it going. If you’re going for an electrical option on any of our products, you’ll need to talk to your local electrician about the best way to connect to the mains etc.

Q. Who does the installation?

A. We supply all of our products full constructed and install them on your premises. However if you choose any electrical product, you will need a qualified electrician to connect your product.

Q. Why are you cheaper than similar products on the market?

A. At Cashen, we build our wooden hot tubs using local timber. Due to his arboricultural background, Jeremy Cashen, who founded the company, has a good reputation and strong connections with foresters and woodsmen across Cornwall. He can go in to Duchy forests for instance, and fell the trees himself. This means we don’t import timber half way across the world, our fuel bills are lower, and, importantly, we negotiate timber prices at source rather than through middle men.

We also know that we can make properly constructed, beautiful products, offer them to you at a reasonable price and still make a fair living. So that’s what we do.

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