Made in local woods

Cashen Cornish Woodcraft is the UK’s leading producer of handmade, wood-fired hot tubs. Founder, Jeremy Cashen, reveals his passion for building with ultra-local woods.

‘I’ve worked with timber all my life. When I left school, I started a forestry apprenticeship, learning everything about woodland management from planting to felling. But after a few years I became disillusioned with the exploitation of our woodlands.

‘In 1996, I graduated from The Merrist Wood College and started a woodland management business in Tideford, South East Cornwall. I was soon working closely with the Duchy Of Cornwall estates a few miles up the road from us. (Us being me, my wife Sam, our three children.) Within a couple of years, we had specialised in making hot tubs and saunas out of the local woods we felled.

‘I’ve always had a vision of low impact woodland management, using high quality timber to make beautiful garden products and it’s great to now be putting it into practice every day. Rather than following the common clear fell system, which cuts down whole swathes of forest, we fell trees when we need them. This provides continuous cover for woodland and is far better for growing quality timber.

‘Our woodlands are a wonderful resource. It’s a myth that we don’t grow quality timber in the UK, and I’m particularly lucky to be living in the middle of fertile Cornish valleys, which provide ideal conditions for the highest quality Douglas fir, Larch and Western red cedar. We select only the heartwood from these because it’s prized for natural durability and it looks stunning.

‘We want to show there’s no need to transport timber all the way around the world because there’s wonderful wood right here on our doorstep. We produce hot tubs with the lowest carbon footprint in the country, which helps the environment and ploughs money back into the local economy.

‘We have a down to earth way of doing things here. Finish the job properly, use local timber and services and try to make the impact on our environment not minimal but actively positive. We run our machines on used vegetable oil from a local crisp factory. We’re also setting up a plant to make our own bio-diesel. For every tree we fell, we plant ten more. The best thing is surprising people about the price. Because it’s all locally hand-built with properly seasoned timber people assume it’s going to be expensive, but a bit of luxury from us never costs the earth – in more ways than one…’

Jeremy M Cashen


Cashen wins 2014 Royal Cornwall Show Forestry Competition

Against stiff competition, we won this great award for the quality of our hot tubs. Here’s what the judges said:

'Jeremy Cashen's business based near Menheniot, produces hot tubs, saunas and garden structures from locally grown Douglas fir. Not only does Jeremy manufacture all his products, he also harvests, transports the timber, mills it and then kiln dries it. This demonstrates an exceptional level of vertical integration to ensure high quality products which showcase the beauty and versatility of cornish timber.


Each aspect of timber processing and manufacturing is undertaken with great efficiency using low cost but effective machinery. A four-side planner is at the heart of the manufacturing process, and adds sufficient value to make the whole process worthwhile. We hope his customers appreciate the skill and commitment which goes into Jeremy's products.'

Find out more about the care we put into our hand-crafted hot tubs, gazebos and saunas. Call Jeremy on 07710 257 834.

Cashen keeps them warm at The World Belly Boarding Championships.

100s of competitors braved the waves on 2nd Sept at Chapel Porth Beach, St Agnes in Cornwall. Conditions were ‘lively’ and some got a bit more than they bargained for, including comedians Rory McGrath and Will Mellor. But at least they had our steaming hot tubs to welcome them in from the cold.

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